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by The Ragged Flags

Up on the mountain the sun will rise Creep through your eyelids and prise them wide Dawn always comes as a new surprise Riding on a rail all through the night Down in the valley a new morning Throw back the curtains the day breaks in Jump at the chance to be born again Turn and set your face into the wind When the sun comes up in the morning ‘Til the night goes down on the day When the storm clouds part And that feeling starts Baby I know I’ll be coming home again I find it easy to time things wrong Fill every day with a brand new song Look for my face and I’ve been and gone Won’t stand in one place for very long Up on the mountain, the sun goes down Down in the valley, they’re sleeping now Flick of the switch and the day turns out Come tomorrow I’ll be leaving now
Cocaine Jane 04:19
I got a friend her name is Cocaine Jane, she’s Dancing all night out in the pouring rain, she Had what she wanted but she threw it all away Oh Jane, how did you ever think things would change? That one day you would make your getaway? I see you running but you’re going nowhere You’re going nowhere No love, that we could give to you would be enough We thought you had what you’d been dreaming of But now you’ve blown it and you’re going nowhere You’re going nowhere Oh Jane, you want to live like you’re 18 again Throw your responsibilities away Can’t stop the party but it’s going nowhere It’s going nowhere Oh Jane don’t you see The things that you believed to be Much better than you had Well it’s all the same Oh Jane don’t you know The best you had, you let it go You’ll never find another You’ll never find another I got a friend and he’s been working hard, but Jane don’t appreciate the things she’s got, so Try as he might she just Keeps pushing him away — away
The Motions 03:36
So I held you for a moment And we knew that the day would come With you and I aligned in all our hopes and promises So assured what life we wanted from So we go now through the motions So it flows now like a river to the sea And I might leave you if I could stand the notion But you’re nothing now You’re nothing without me, no Many years now of lengthy silences Many years now in gathering gloom And we are creaking like the clock upon the mantelpiece Coughing seconds out into the room So I held you like my broken promises And we hoped that the day would come ‘Cause I believed then that everything would be okay Please don’t tell me now that I was wrong So we go now through the motions So it flows now like a river running true And I might leave you if I could stand the notion But I’m nothing now I’m nothing without you, no
Left Behind
Part I: Tonight, Today
How It Burns
Told You So
Blood Red Skies
Part II: So They Say
Oh Yeah
Won't Leave You Waiting
After Tomorrow
Part III: Someday I Know


releases March 31, 2023


The Ragged Flags are:
James Goodwin - vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica
Mark Aldworth - lead guitar, piano, mellotron, backing vocals
Chris Edwards-Dewey - bass, banjo, backing vocals
Paul Whibley - drums, percussion, whistling

With very special guests:
Annie Leith - violins on 'Part I: Tonight, Today'
David Woolf - lap steel on 'Won't Leave You Waiting'

All songs by The Ragged Flags
Music by Aldworth/Edwards-Dewey/Goodwin/Whibley;
Lyrics by Goodwin (©2023 Copyright Control)

Produced by The Ragged Flags
Mixed & Mastered by James Goodwin
recorded at Stokey Cokey Studios, North London, and
at studios in South London & Royal Leamington Spa

Sleeve Photography by John Gentleman & Andrew Watson
Sleeve Design by James Goodwin
Vector Graphics by Vecteezy

Thanks to:
Chris: Thanks to Katie, Charlotte, and my ever supportive family and friends;
James: Thanks to Annie Leith and David Woolf for their time and talents; John Gentleman and Andrew Watson for taking fabulous pictures; Gavin Leversuch and Alan Reed for lending a critical and constructive ear; the Goodwins and the Goodsearles for their support; and thanks most of all to Emma and Joe, who are the home I come to;
Mark: Love and thanks to Sonia, Martha, Grace, Alicia and Oscar;
Paul: Thanks to Sam, Harry and Albie.

Once again, thanks to anyone who’s ever supported us, bought a record, or come to a gig and waved a flag — we still love you all.



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The Ragged Flags UK

The Ragged Flags are a UK four-piece with their own distinctive sound incorporating the essential natural juices of rock, pop and folk with the lovely chunky bits of country and blues.


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