After Tomorrow

from Homecoming by The Ragged Flags



Where were you in the days of old?
When summer’s youth kept out the winter cold
A harried man with a worried mind
He seeks the things he cannot find

All his life he broke his back, but
Can’t pin down the things he lacks
The hearth and home he held so proud, in
Desperate silence, thinks out loud, I’m —

Gonna make it right, gonna make it great
After tomorrow things will never be the same
Turn it all around, turn it all the way
After tomorrow things will never be the same

Where were you in times gone by?
On the city streets where the young girl cries
The night before a neon blur
Of people who want things from her, all
The lies that led her here
The hard held hates that disappear
There has to be a new way out
A tiny voice that tells her now, I’m —

What was that you tried to say?
The winds of time just snatched the words away
The days that lined up all your life
With undue haste they passed you by, if
You had a second chance
Would you reach out and take my hand?
Tomorrow is another day
So let the people hear you say, I’m —

Never be the same, never be the same
After I tell her things will never be the same
Never be the same, never be the same
After tomorrow, tomorrow


from Homecoming, released March 31, 2023


all rights reserved



The Ragged Flags UK

The Ragged Flags are a UK four-piece with their own distinctive sound incorporating the essential natural juices of rock, pop and folk with the lovely chunky bits of country and blues.

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