Won't Leave You Waiting

from Homecoming by The Ragged Flags



Trying to explain what you mean to me
Is an object lesson in futility
While I’m wandering without a trace
That I’ve ever been

But lying on the bank by the riverside
On the day you sailed away on the evening tide
Was a fire in your eyes and I did not belong
And all the crying people they sang along

I’ve been gone for a long, long time
But I’m coming back home again
And I know that you’re better than me
But you better not find a friend, and
I know you’ve been waiting for me
On the other side of the shore
But I won’t leave you waiting anymore

So I think about you while I’m walking the road
And the noonday sun burns me to the bone
All the lessons that I had to learn
Were hard as stone

But lying out under the shining moon
I know the road is gonna rise up to meet me soon
And the shadow that I trail behind belongs to you
And all the crying people they know it too

Well nothing seems to change around this old place
And I wonder how I’ll feel when I see your face
There’s a figure waiting by the door
I’m walking through

But lying to you now in your bed at night
I know I’m gonna be gone
Come the morning light
But I tell you that I’m gonna stay
I’ll stay with you
But all the crying people they know the truth
Hey now!


from Homecoming, released March 31, 2023


all rights reserved



The Ragged Flags UK

The Ragged Flags are a UK four-piece with their own distinctive sound incorporating the essential natural juices of rock, pop and folk with the lovely chunky bits of country and blues.

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